Senator Donoghue, Representative Nangle & Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone Hold Briefing on Dangerous Weapons

MAY 10, 2012

Senator Eileen Donoghue, Representative David Nangle, and DistrictAttorney Gerry Leone will be holding an informational briefing on Dangerous Weapons onTuesday, May 10th at 10 a.m. in Room 222.The briefing will feature information relating to SB 761/ HB 1349, An Act Relative toDangerous Weapons and SB 1207, An Act Increasing Penalties for the Illegal Possession ofFirearms.An Act Relative to Dangerous Weapons aims to alleviate confusion from the judicial process.This legislation would define some of the obscure, and not so obscure, weapons included in thestatute, relieving some of the confusion that jurors, judges, prosecutors, and police officers facewhen determining whether the weapon in question is in fact “dangerous” as provided by thestatute. The legislation would also add such weapons as large folding knives, disguised knives,butterfly knives, undetectable weapons, electrical weapons, and striking weapons to the list ofenumerated weapons since these weapons pose a serious threat to public safety and have little orno redeeming social value.An Act Increasing Penalties for the Illegal Possession of Firearms increases the penalties forthe possession of an assault weapon, covert weapon, machine gun or sawed-off shotgun, andan unlicensed firearm in the home. Additionally, the possession of an unlicensed firearm inthe home, a large capacity weapon, assault weapon, or a covert weapon would be added to theArmed Career Criminal statute, meaning that whoever is previously convicted of a violent crimeor of a serious drug offense and then carries a dangerous weapon, as described above, willautomatically receive an increased punishment.The briefing will also cover other legislative initiatives by District Attorney Leone, includingschool safety, domestic violence and child protection initiatives.

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