Eileen Donoghue releases new web video on integrity and endorses bill calling for earlier disclosure of campaign fundraising and spending

JULY 23, 2010

Supporters cite Donoghue’s honesty   Lowell, MA – Eileen Donoghue, a candidate for State Senate in the 1st Middlesex District, released a new web video today highlighting her reputation for honesty, and also endorsed a bill filed by State Senator Cynthia Creem which would require timelier donor disclosure by candidates for the Legislature.   The video, entitled “Integrity,” features interviews with Donoghue supporters from Westford, Dunstable, and Lowell who stress that Donoghue is honest, trustworthy, experienced, loyal, and is an experienced and effective leader.   (Click here to view video.)   “Voters feel like they can’t trust candidates,” said Donoghue.  “People throughout Massachusetts and the 1st Middlesex district are sick of dirty politics and the secrecy behind campaign fundraising and spending.  Voters have a right to know where our money is coming from, and where it is being spent.”   In endorsing Senator Creem’s bill, Donoghue noted that she had raised this issue early on in the campaign.   “When this race first began I challenged my opponents to agree to post donor information online before the September 7 reporting date,” Donoghue said. “Senator Creem’s bill would compel all candidates to be open and transparent about their finances and lead to more honest, insightful campaigns. I support Senator Creem’s bill now, and it would be one of the first bills I would co-sponsor in the State Senate.” #######  

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