As just the second woman to be elected mayor of the City of Lowell, Eileen never shied away from a challenge during her time as a dedicated public leader. Eileen spent much of her time on the Lowell City Council and as Mayor working directly with residents and making decisions based on what was in the best interests of the community. She approaches state government in the same manner, knowing firsthand how decisions made at the state level impact local communities.

Working together

Senator Donoghue believes cooperation and hard work, not political gamesmanship, are the keys to securing meaningful results for our communities.    She has worked across the isle, filing joint petitions with Republican members of the House of Representatives and she has split with her party when necessary, voting to overturn vetoes by the Governor.    Eileen believes that neither party has a monopoly on good ideas. In her first term, Senator Donoghue has used her experience as an independent consensus builder to forge strategic partnerships, and support good ideas, regardless of political affiliation, to get things done for the 1st Middlesex District. 

Public Safety

Senator Donoghue believes that strong communities are safe communities. That's why one of her first acts as your State Senator was filing a bill that would prohibit anyone previously convicted of an offense involving the use of a dangerous weapon or firearm from being eligible for release on personal recognizance.    Eileen was a strong proponent and co-sponsor of the recently passed Crime Bill, cracking down on habitual violent offenders, and she also worked to institute much needed parole reforms. 

Reforming Government

Senator Donoghue is committed to reining in government spending and realizing savings for taxpayers. That's why she championed Pension Reform, a bill that not only closes unfair loopholes and ends double dipping, but will also save taxpayers an estimated $5 Billion over the next 30 years.    Eileen also supported measures recently signed in to law, like Municpal Health Care Reform and Health Care Cost Containment. The goal of these initiatives is to achieve savings for cities, towns and consumers by giving municipalities the option of making health insurance plan design changes for their employees, and establishing insurance cost growth benchmark that, if achieved, will result in a $200 Billion savings over the next 15 years.    Other reform measures supported by Senator Donoghue in her first term included: MBTA Reform, a bill aimed at eliminating Fraud in Publicly Opened Contracts, Government and Finance Reform, Oversight for Education Collaboratives, Court Reform and CHINS Reform. 

Our Communities

When Senator Donoghue first arrived on Beacon Hill, she was determined to make funding for cities and towns a priority. In her first term, Eileen successfully fought to increase Local Aid funding for cities, towns and local school districts without raising any new taxes.    Most importantly, Senator Donoghue promised to be there for our communities, and that is exactly what she has done. From personally delivering budget updates to boards of selectmen, to meeting with town managers and holding office hours for constituents, Eileen has attended nearly 500 events in the towns of Westford, Lowell, Groton, Tyngsborough, Pepperell and Dunstable.    Giving communities the resources to maintain and improve our quality of life, and listening to constituents are her chief concerns.  

Jobs and the economy

In her first term, Senator Donoghue worked hard to implement economic development policies, such as tax credits and tax offsets, for new and existing businesses. She also supported initiatives aimed at making Massachusetts more competitive by improving the Commonwealth’s innovation economy and promoted economic prosperity through infrastructure investments and streamlined permitting.    Senator Donoghue is committed to keeping Massachusetts on the road to economic recovery. Training our workforce for today's ever-changing job market and making sure businesses have the tools they need to grow and hire, remain her top priorities. 

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